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We are on the mission to help people
be more creative and productive.

“ Lets create a list by voice.

  • Meeting Lucy
  • Coffee with Jeff
  • Working on my next paper
  • Dinner at Sushi place

“ My goal for today is...

Find out how to buy this jewelry! ”

“ I can start just telling a story...


And for in the end i can have a blog entry! ”

“ And I can just pick a reminder option to make one for specific time or a day ”

“ Diary notes.

So, brand new day! I just had my morning coffee at Starbucks and running to my first meeting... ”

“ Diary is similar as writing your personal journal

But we will keep notes in a right category! ”

Simple App

Create to-do lists, check-lists, Record thoughts quickly at the speed of the sound. Work on your blogs, essays, books at any time wherever you are.

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Light and simple.

Lets you live in a moment. Recognition rate — 97%. Senstone lets you infinitely collect your dreams and write your own history.


  • Touch screen with gesture recognition
  • Beautiful LED-screen for comfortable usage


  • Powerful
  • Providing features for voice owner recognition, speech-to-text,
  • Saves date, time & place of every recording for quick search


  • Well-designed and stunning
  • Helps to be inseparable with the tracker

Artificial Intelligence

Nothing short of awesome There are a lot of important concepts in optimization and AI, while making you feel like you're on a wonderful adventure of discovery and fun.

Neuron system

For speaker intonation analysys.

Voice control

Of your operating system. Do it today on Windows.

Speaker recognition

To track owners voice in a conversation or a speech


To create a new category for your notes.

More soon

Choose your style.

Pick your style to stay comfortable and stylish using Senstone wherever you want. Line of bracelets and brooches coming. Pre-register to know first.

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